Babywearing – Sleepy Baby Wrap

Sleepy Wrap

Sleepy Wrap

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Here’s a great wrap made of really cute fabric!

Why it’s great:

  • One size fits all (babies and mom and dad)
  • Super comfortable, rests on both shoulders
  • Fabric is comfy, like a t-shirt with the perfect amount of stretch
  • Easy to clean (ALWAYS important!!)
  • Will carry newborn through toddler (and yes, toddlers like slings too!)
  • Cute colors

Instruction Videos:

How to tie, Front Carry (Toddler)

Forward-Facing Hold

Rucksack Back Carry

Where to buy in Denver:

Living Earth Babies in Boulder

Diaper Dash Inc. in Broomfield

Kanga Kare in Littleton

Babywearing – Nojo Original Baby Sling

Nojo Original Baby Sling

Nojo Original Baby Sling

…go to Nojo Website

Here is your standard padded ring sling, endorsed by the renowned Dr. Sears, founder of Attachment Parenting.

Why it’s great:

  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to breastfeed in
  • Padded rails make baby comfortable
  • Can do cradle carry, side carry, facing out carry, or facing in carry
  • Since it’s easy to get baby in they don’t fuss when you put them in

What it lacks:

  • Being padded, it’s hot in the summer
  • Limited positions for baby to be in
  • Limited colors (just the blue plaid as shown and a gray color)
  • Tough on your back when your baby is big since it only rests on one shoulder
  • Rails make the shoulder kind of bulky

Instruction Videos:

Ring Sling Demo

Babywearing – Gypsy Mama Wrap


Gypsy Mama Wrap

…go to Gypsy Mama Wrap Website

This wrap-style carrier can be tied in many different ways to create a comfortable way to carry your baby (or babies!).

Why it’s great:

  • Super comfortable since it’s over both shoulders
  • Can carry toddlers
  • Multiple positions to carry (sling-style for newborn, front facing in, front facing out, back carry)
  • Instructions come with several ways to tie it instead of just one traditional way
  • Comes in BEAUTIFUL and varied colors and styles (by far one of the most stylish wraps I’ve seen)
  • Pretty easy to breastfeed in
  • Also comes in water material for those days on the beach (or pool in Colorado!)

Where to buy in Colorado:

Baby Cotton Bottoms in Colorado Springs

Babywearing – Ergo Baby

Ergo Baby Backpack

Ergo Baby Backpack

…go to Ergo Website

Here’s a great backpack-style carrier!

Why it’s great:

  • All the weight rests on your hips so it’s easy on your shoulders
  • Has a zip pouch in front to keep keys, snacks, etc.
  • Has a hood that comes up to protect baby from the sun/rain/wind and keep baby’s head from bobbing when he/she is sleeping
  • Comes in cute colors with cute accessories
  • Comes with an insert so you can carry a newborn
  • Three kinds of carry:  Front with baby facing in, hip carry, and back carry (shown)
  • Looks sporty and men will wear it (what is it about men liking buckles?)
  • Also has more feminine designs that are super cute

Instruction Videos:

Demonstrating the Ergo features

Front Carry

Great Demo

Where to buy in Denver:

Real Baby in Denver

Right Start in Denver

Babywearing – Baby K’tan

Baby Ktan - Twins
Baby Ktan – Twins

…go to Baby K’tan Website

I am also a K’tan Retailer!

Please Contact Me if you’d like to purchase the K’tan (PayPal option coming soon)

Here is one of my favorite slings.  Baby Ktan took the best of both worlds.  They combined the simplicity of a sling with the comfort of a wrap and created a great sling/wrap hybrid that anyone can use!

Why it’s great:

  • So easy to use!
  • MANY different carrying positions (newborn, twin, front carry facing in, front carry facing out, side carry, back carry, hip carry).  Every kind of carry position besides on your head!
  • Comes in gender-neutral colors so Dad will wear it
  • So comfortable because it rests on both shoulders
  • EXTREMELY easy to breastfeed in (as long as they’re not facing out or on your back of course)
  • Material can be pulled over baby’s eyes if it’s a sunny/rainy/windy day
  • Great material (stretchy, like a t-shirt)
  • Comes with a matching hat for baby

Instruction Videos:

Getting Started

Safety Instructions

Cradle Position

Hug Position

Explore Position

Adventure Position

Two Hip Position

Hip Position

Back Position

Where to buy in Denver:

From me!

Sweet Beginnings in Littleton

Target of Silverthorne, Summit County

Becoming Mothers in Boulder

Modern Mommy Wear in Lakewood

Green Monkey Baby in Wash Park, Denver

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression and “Baby Blues”

Postpartum can be an incredibly trying time for a new mom!  It is not uncommon for women who have just given birth to feel depressed, lose their appetite, have trouble sleeping, or have trouble concentrating.  If these symptoms last for less than two weeks, it is probably a normal period called the “baby blues.”

If the symptoms are more serious and last for a longer period of time, you could be suffering from postpartum depression and should get help right away.



Warning signs of Postpartum Depression

  • Feeling incredibly depressed
  • Excessive crying
  • Restless, irritable, anxious
  • Don’t enjoy things you used to enjoy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of energy and motivation
  • Sleep issues, either too much or not enough (not sleeping even when your baby is sleeping)
  • Feeling worthless, guilty
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain
  • Feeling like life isn’t worth living
  • No interest in baby
  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or your baby (may indicate postpartum psychosis, seek help right away!)

Overcoming Postpartum Depression

  • Talk to someone about your feelings
  • Frequent contact with your baby can boost oxytocin, the natural love hormone, and can combat postpartum depression
  • Get as much help as you can with the baby, other children, household chores, food preparation, etc.
  • Exercise
  • Find a few minutes for yourself.  You’re a better mother if you’re not totally drained!
  • Let some things slide.  “Supermom” is a myth!  Just do your best to get the necessary things done and take care of yourself.  Your baby really won’t mind if there are socks on the floor and the dishes aren’t done!
  • Connect with other moms via La Leche League groups,, or church/community organizations
  • Talk with your doctor or midwife and they may be able to counsel you as to whether or not medication and/or herbs might be helpful
  • Breastfeeding is associated with lower instances of postpartum depression
  • Some people believe that eating the placenta helps balance the hormones postpartum and lessen postpartum depression.  Crazy, I know, but some people swear by it!  If this totally grosses you out sometimes you can find people who make it into pill format.