Babywearing – Ergo Baby

Ergo Baby Backpack

Ergo Baby Backpack

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Here’s a great backpack-style carrier!

Why it’s great:

  • All the weight rests on your hips so it’s easy on your shoulders
  • Has a zip pouch in front to keep keys, snacks, etc.
  • Has a hood that comes up to protect baby from the sun/rain/wind and keep baby’s head from bobbing when he/she is sleeping
  • Comes in cute colors with cute accessories
  • Comes with an insert so you can carry a newborn
  • Three kinds of carry:  Front with baby facing in, hip carry, and back carry (shown)
  • Looks sporty and men will wear it (what is it about men liking buckles?)
  • Also has more feminine designs that are super cute

Instruction Videos:

Demonstrating the Ergo features

Front Carry

Great Demo

Where to buy in Denver:

Real Baby in Denver

Right Start in Denver