Labor Doula

01-cappa-certified-proudtobe*CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS*


As of August 2015 I have attended over 200 births.  Besides the personal experience of birthing my daughters (at hospital, birth center, and home) I also have professional experience with the following:

Me 3About Doula Services

Fee:  $900-1300 sliding scale

I have attended over 200 births and my rates reflect my experience.  However, it is important to me that I be as flexible as possible with my fee to allow clients to choose me because they have a connection with me, without stressing about monetary concerns.  Clients choose their fee within this range.

First you will meet with me for an interview so we can get to know each other and you can get a sense of whether or not our personalities would be a good fit.  If you decide we’d be a good match, we will meet 2-3 times before your birth to discuss your options, fears, and expectations.  I will also meet with you once after your birth for a postpartum visit.  This is an opportunity to process your birth, see how everyone is adjusting to life with a new baby, and for me to connect you with referrals if you need help outside my own scope of practice.  I am available for phone and email support as well.

IMG_1066IMG_0282IMG_0521IMG_0453IMG_4834What I provide before, during, and after birth

  • Give you evidence based information so know your options and can make informed decisions
  • Help you create your  Birth Preferences to clarify your goals and priorities surrounding your birth.
  • Help you talk to your care provider about issues important to you
  • Provide hands-on support during labor (massage, aromatherapy, acupressure points)
  • Help you to relax to eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle
  • Suggest different positions during labor to aid in optimal fetal positioning, comfort of the mom, and pushing/birth of the baby
  • Help you to create a positive, calm, birthing environment where you feel safe
  • I support the partners too!   I show them labor support techniques so they can actively participate in the birth, as well as taking the pressure off them to know how to do everything and be everything at all times.  It’s their birth too!  I want partners to experience the joy from the birth of their child to it’s fullest.
  • Help you with initial breastfeeding if you desire
  • Provide you with an account of your birth story (believe me, amnesia sets in after labor!) at your postpartum visit
  • Bring you one meal after birth, because who wants to cook when you’re on your “babymoon”?
  • Provide you with breastfeeding support within a “peer to peer” scope of practice (I am a former La Leche League Leader, *see below).  I used to lead breastfeeding support groups, breastfed my three daughters for almost seven years put together, and have many resources at my disposal.  I am not a lactation educator or IBCLC, however if you need more specialized, clinical care I’m happy to connect you with some amazing providers in Denver!

***Any ideas or inferences about childbirth found on this site may or may not reflect that of La Leche League International. Their policy only states that “Alert, active participation by the mother in childbirth is a help in getting breastfeeding off to a good start.”  Since they are solely a breastfeeding organization they do not take a stand on matters of childbirth.