Geneva’s home birth

“Amy was a tremendous help at my birth. My daughter, Shiloh, was only 15 months old when the new baby came. Shiloh felt very comfortable with Amy and Amy helped her be involved in the birth without me feeling like she was in the way. It was very important to me that my children be present at my homebirth, but as important that the environment was calm and peaceful. I’m not sure this would have happened without Amy’s help! She also took some amazing pictures which was a huge bonus- I still cry every time I look at them!”

Dana and Isaac’s home birth

“I first met Amy at a ‘meet the doulas’ night, having not yet chosen a physician and not really knowing what a doula was, and immediately wanted to have her there at my birth. After a lot of trial and error, my husband and I chose to have a home
birth. Amy was an invaluable member of the birthing team, which included our midwife (nurse practitioner), the midwife’s assistant (also a nurse), and Amy. She has the ability to know what you need before you yourself know and a caring
nature that is contagious. She arrived almost immediately after we called her and provided undying support to my husband and me throughout the birth – keeping me

hydrated and fed, providing positive feedback and suggestions at times when
I began to tire or lose faith, and generally keeping me feeling strong, capable, and empowered.”

“My son had trouble breathing at first (he is perfectly healthy now) and again Amy was invaluable as my husband and the midwife’s assistant drove him to the hospital. She helped our midwife to get me cleaned and stitched up after the birth, drove
me to the hospital, and again supported us as we dealt with NICU staff and a very stressful time until our son cleared his lungs and began breathing normally – leaving only briefly to bring back dinner and a birthday cake for our son, without which we
would have been completely delirious.

We highly recommend Amy!”

Dana and Isaac Lodico

Rebecca, successful VBAC

Leila's birth 068

“One of the first reasons I wanted Amy at my daughters birth was her laid back personality and calming voice.  I immediately knew she would be a great fit for my family.  You can feel her passion and love in everything she does.  I had many concerns going into my second birth because I was attempting a VBAC.  Amy made sure she was as educated on the subject as she could be and she made sure I had all the support I needed.  She loaned me books and DVD’s to help me prepare for my daughters birth.  Amy encouraged me to attend an ICAN meeting where I could spend time with other women in my situation.  Amy seemed to always go above and beyond my expectations, so when she attended the meeting with me I was not too surprised.  She always returned my calls and emails promptly.  She even gave great support to my 3 year old.

When I went into labor Amy was there as soon as I needed her.  She had an intuitive feel for my needs as well as my husbands.  As my labor went from the night and entered the morning my midwife broke my water to help my labor progress.  After three hours it seemed I had not dilated any further.  My midwife suggested pitocin and I was distraught.  I had planned a medication free delivery and pitocin was definitely not in my plan.  I felt that any intervention may lead me to another cesarean section.  Amy provided comfort and reassured me that I could do it!  She suggested that I change my position and the midwife held off on the pitocin.  Within 45 minutes I had dilated an extra three centimeters and within an hour and a half I held my daughter.  Amy had such confidence in me and my body.  At every step she offered suggestions and supported every decision.   Amy gave me the resources and encouragement that I needed to have a truly empowering experience.   After my daughters birth my husband spoke for both of us when he said “I don’t know if we could of done it without her”.  We are so thankful we found Amy!”


Look at the beautiful mama!

“There is simply not enough room on any evaluation form to write everything that should be said to commend Amy Swagman. It has been such a joy working with Amy through my pregnancy, and she had such a significant role in making our birth experience beautiful, satisfying, and exactly what we wanted.

Amy’s ability to genuinely listen combined with her thirst for knowledge made her an outstanding companion, and not just during the birth. Amy helped me embrace the birth process outside of the delivery room, encouraging me to be patient as my due date approached, savor my pregnancy, and to enjoy my journey as I moved farther into parenthood.

I am so proud to be Amy’s “first birth” as a doula. Her passion and commitment were evident from the moment I met her, and she helped me truly embrace how awesome and capable my body is as a birthing mother. She was an amazing resource throughout my pregnancy, offering books from her personal library and other resources specific to my desire to have an unmedicated birth. She also provided information and tools for me to help prepare my two-year-old for the arrival of her new sibling. She was always more than ready to offer any advice, responded quickly to my emails and phone calls, and was ready to go at 6 am on Christmas Eve when my labor started!

I think everyone (myself included) was surprised at how quickly my labor progressed. Since this was my second baby, we all expected things to move along quickly, but we were only in the delivery room for less than two hours. Simply having Amy’s confident presence allowed me to be in the moment, ride each wave, and as she said it, “give birth like a rock star!” Having her there also allowed my husband the focus and guidance he needed to be involved exactly how I needed him. Even though things moved a lot more quickly than we had anticipated, she was amazingly prepared, calm, and helpful, and she somehow managed to find time to beautifully photograph the priceless moments during and after the birth.

Amy has a limitless future as a doula. This entire experience has been so transformational for me, and I feel blessed to have shared it with such a fantastic birth professional, and more importantly, a beautiful new friend.”



“Amy’s support prenatally, during labor and delivery, and during the postnatal period was such a blessing.  She not only shared her wisdom about pregnancy and how to prepare for an empowering, transformational birth, Amy also was compassionate, empathetic, and caring throughout the entire process.  Amy served not only as my doula, but also as a sister and best friend.  I would highly recommend Amy as a doula.”:”


img_9662“Amy was absolutely AMAZING!  I could not have asked for a more supportive companion throughout the birth.  I will definitely be recommending her to every mom to be I come across!  Amy, I can’t thank you enough for your overwhelming support and compassion throughout my pregnancy.  Your presence during my birth was a brilliant light during an extremely dark and stressful experience for me.  I can’t imagine going through it all without you.  Thank you!”

Patti McHardy, CNM

pattimchardy“Amy was instrumental in helping the client through a difficult labor and avoidance of a cesarean section.  Her suggestions were helpful and appropriate and her positive, gentle approach was contagious to all present.  She has a true gift in supporting women during labor, birth, and breastfeeding!”

Jesse, Nurse

“Amy was an awesome contribution to the client’s experience.  She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive of mom’s wishes and attentive to the entire family.”

Tracy, CNM and founder of Mountain Midwifery

Tracy, CNM and founder of Mountain Midwifery

Tracy Ryan, CNM

“Amy was a helpful, compassionate member of the birth team.”



“Amy provided me and my husband with services as our labor doula.  Her knowledge throughout pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum was invaluable!  She offered a great deal of support during my long labor and her presence was comforting, especially when I deviated from my original drug-free birth plan.  Afterward, she provided a lovely birth story as well as fantastic photographs.  Amy is a very warm and personable doula with a wealth of information!  It is obvious that she has a true passion for her work!”