Trying my hand at belly casts…

I also am able to paint your blank belly cast to something meaningful to you!  I have a BFA in illustration and use it to work with you and your vision for the cast.


1.  All over color (you can add more decorations yourself if you’d like): $50

2.  All over color plus a simple design on the belly:  $100-175

3.  All over color plus a mural of your choice:  $175 and up

For #2 and #3 the fee is $40 an hour plus materials.

To give you an idea of how long things cost, the below “Tree of Life” mural took 26.5 hours to complete plus $30 in materials.  This is a very elaborate piece, the most elaborate I’ve ever done, and is on the more expensive end of the spectrum.  The second cast (blue with the vines) took me about 10 hours plus $30 of materials.  These represent the middle and high-end of the range.   Contact me and I can definitely create something within your budget!

The first cast is Brandy’s cast.  She wanted to incorporate a tree of life, sparrows, a “mother” symbol, her son’s zodiac symbol (Cancer), a labyrinth (which turned into a beautiful placenta), and a mandala.

View my process!  Click here to see a slide show of the cast going from blank to decorated.











The birds are the Jamaican doctor birds, a hummingbird with a really long tail.  This baby is half-Jamaican and mama wanted to add something from that country (also the Rasta colors and blue like the Carribbean)

Jamie with her henna belly

Jamie with her henna belly

4 thoughts on “Trying my hand at belly casts…

  1. tinakillackey says:

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I enjoy painting the belly/body casts because they are so personal as opposed to a mural. Beautiful design on your cast here.

    As for pricing, I charge between $15 – $20 an hour for the painting. It’s lower than my mural rate because I can do it in my own home on my own time and I think if I charged my mural rate I would get very few customers. I don’t make the casts myself though, just paint them. The gal who makes them charges her own rate – I think it’s around $150+ then my price is tacked on to that.

    Hope this helps.


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