VIDEO – Baby born in the Caul

Here is an amazing video of a baby born “in the caul.”  Basically this means that the bag of waters never breaks and the baby emerges in a sac of water.  It’s amazing!

Most of the world has traditionally thought this phenomenon to be a good omen.  Some of the lore includes:

  • The baby will be destined for greatness
  • The child will never drown
  • The child will be psychic
  • The child will be able to travel and never tire
  • A sailor or ship that posses the caul will never drown or sink
  • Protection against infertility and evil forces
  • Intelligence
  • If twins are born in caul that means they are marked by an angel and their souls are shielded

12 thoughts on “VIDEO – Baby born in the Caul

  1. LaFeem says:

    I was born with a veil over my face and two teeth. I am a little psychic…sometimes my husband look at me in amazement when I say the exact thing he is thinking,or what he’s about to say…I can tell a lot about a person, if I talk to him or her in five minutes time

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for sharing my little girl was born a week ago in the Caul the plan was to film the birth but due to a very fast labour and panic due to heavy bleeding the camera was forgotten and it was missed. So its good to see what it looks like tho mine wasnt a water birth.

  3. Lucy Esperanza says:

    My oldest son was born in a full caul at first I did not know it until the nurse pointed out to me that the sac was where my baby broke thru it. My father was also born in a full caul, he was very pyschic he saw visions things that had not happened yet and so does my son and myself. Yet I have no idea if I was born a caulbearer. It’s nice to know am not the only one…….L.E. from orlando.

  4. Sarah Roberts says:

    My youngest was born with a caul this last Saturday. Thank you for sharing this video. Though I did not have a water birth, it was cool to see what happened.

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  6. Maria Walker Yearwood says:

    Im 35 years old, born march 5, 1977, I to was born with my waterbag fully intact, im different, i kno things i shouldnt, i dream and see things that no one else does or kno, people look at me diff, i have been called a freak, im looking for someone whom can shed some light on this theory of my abilitys and why this happens not only to me but to others. My address is 109 Hamby Lane Dayton Tn 37321. My phone num. 423-619-2321

  7. temika says:

    My nephew 1 of a twin pair was just born in the caul (his twin passed yesterday), but he is premature and his twin’s placenta is still left behind I hope the angels can protect him and help him stay with my sister and us.

  8. mandalamama3 says:

    I’m both happy and saddened by your experience. I hope the other twin is strong and wish lots of love and healing for your loss.

  9. Patricia Burr says:

    I am a twin the youngest one born with a veil
    , also I was a blue baby too , my twin was born first
    She passed away at age 43 , she always said she wasn’t going to live to long in life …
    I don’t really understand what it means to be a blue baby born with a veil too .. Can someone help me …

  10. mandalamama3 says:

    Hmm, it might have been something to do with a blue moon, but more likely you were lacking oxygen at birth which can cause a purpleish blue tint. I’m sorry about your sister ❤

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