Good books future siblings

Just a disclaimer, some of these books have bottle-feeding content which may or may not be how you want to portray life with a new baby.  Also some books have references to hospitals or birthing centers, etc. and may be like what you’re planning or not.  I haven’t read all these books myself, but the ones I like the best are starred and are also in my library for clients to borrow.

General books

Big Sister

Big Brother

If you have other books that you used to prepare an older sibling during pregnancy, please let us know.  Leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Good books future siblings

  1. Christina Rochette says:

    I love “Hello Baby” by Jenni Overend. It used to be titled “Welcome Baby, With Love.” This is the newer UK version. It is a picture book showing a homebirth of a little boy, including the whole family, midwife, and the mom’s sister.

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