VIDEO – External Cephalic Version (WHO)

Here is an interesting video put out by the World Health Organization regarding the indications and counter-indications, as well as the procedure of external cephalic version (ECV).  ECV is where a skilled practitioner attempts to manuver a baby out of a breech presentation.  Enjoy!


(Windows Media Player required)

VIDEO – Vaginal Breech (WHO)

Here is an absolutely fabulous video put out by the World Health Organization’s Reproductive Health department.  It details the indications and counter-indications for a vaginal breech birth, methods of birthing a breech vaginally (totally FASCINATING), as well as symphiostomy (when the head becomes entrapped and you cannot perform a c-section).


(Windows Media Player Required)

NOTE:  In the United States, OB/GYNs typically aren’t trained in these techniques (despite detailed models that can train them) and usually just decide to do a c-section.  If this is not something you’re ok with, talk to your provider beforehand and/or consider transferring to a care provider skilled in vaginal breech (where indicated).  In Denver, Dr. Hall at Swedish has been known to do vaginal breech births.